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Hi, I’m Sehar, a Wedding and Documentary Photographer.

I may seem cool and calm behind the camera, but I go through an ocean of emotions while taking your photos.

I am feeling the gravity of the moment. I am feeling the story behind the person. I am feeling what this moment means for *you*. I give you space to be your authentic self.

I truly believe there is no performance needed for stunning photography.

Get to know me

I want to create soulful visuals with you.

Creating visuals with intention & heart.

Indigo Stories Values

Documenting with intentionality & thoughtfulness.

Keeping the spirit of storytelling alive.

Leading with curiosity and cultivating connection.

Empowering and preparing clients through transparency and communication.

What our clients are saying

Subhana Ahmed

"Sehar made my dream wedding a reality. I feel blessed and honored that she was able to document my wedding. I am absolutely obsessed with how the photos turned out. She has such tremendous talent and a natural vision which allows her to see beauty in moments where others may not see. Sehar is extremely patient. Which goes a long way when the natural chaos of weddings unfold and things aren't going as planned. But she continued to go with the flow and displayed such grace."

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Available for hire in Houston, Chicago and beyond.

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