Creating visuals with intention & heart.

Hi, my name is Sehar.

And I feel alot.

At the core of Indigo Stories, is a desire to document what is truly beautiful about the world and its people. It's not really hard to see it, but it's hard to convince others of seeing it within themselves. Indigo Stories is made up emotive visuals with the purpose of showing internal truths and beauty.

Indigo Stories Values

Documenting with intentionality & thoughtfulness.

Keeping the spirit of storytelling alive in our visuals.

Leading with curiosity and cultivating connection.

Empowering and preparing clients through transparency and communication.

What our clients are saying

Cat Sandoval // Houston

Indigo Stories is amazing! You took personal photos for me that I will treasure and keep until I die. Yeah it's that good. I love my photos and I had an amazing time. Thank you for making me super comfortable.

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