product shoot for brew qahwa




This shoot did not feel like a photoshoot! It was a gathering of friends, impeccable specialty coffee and a collective passion for the history of coffee!




When Brew Qahwa is at your event, it tends to transform the event into a gathering. Whether they’re serving coffee for tired worshippers or conference attendees, their coffee service enhances the energy and excitement of the evening. I’ve witnessed this many times, but this was the first time I brought my camera to document @brewqahwa in action. Their specialty coffee is made with a love for the origin story of coffee itself. One of my first memories of Omar Rezk (co-founder) was him passionately describing the story for me. It is really endearing how this same story is illustrated on @brewqahwa shirts now. If you love coffee and would like to celebrate its story, I’d highly recommend grabbing a shirt. Their apparel is now for sale.